Sunday, September 21, 2008

Becoming an Everyday Cyclist

Well, after some hesitation, I have joined Graeme Street's Cyclo-Club to get back in shape. I am currently somewhere between 215 and 220 lbs (depending on the time of day), 6'1". I just got a fitness eval at the local YMCA, and I am not in dire physical condition, but I am carrying around almost 30 lbs of extra lard. 

With two young kids, the last thing I want is to be out of breath trying to play soccer with my 8 year old.

So I am on the road back to fitness. So far, I have the following goals:

1. Olympic distance triathlon in August 2009. Would like to finish in top 25%.
2. Two sprint tri's in June/July to prepare for the Olympic. Just want to use these to get a feel for my race pace, transitions, feeding, etc.
3. LiveStrong Challenge Philly 2009: Do the 100 mile route in 5 hours.
4. Bring my body fat % down to between 10-15%.

I have yet to determine how I am going to meet these goals, but I guess joining the cyclo-club was the first step. I am still sorting through all the information there, but I think I will start with the 7 day fat loss boot camp on Sept 28. I am in Vegas on business Weds-Fri, so this week won't work. However, I will start some of the core workouts, yoga workouts, and do some swimming while out there, so I will not be idle!